Services Offered 我們的服務

Starting with ABLE today 今天,開始與艾藍在一起

Shadow Teacher Service影子老師

For child who is capable of going to mainstream schools, but still needs some extra support for his/her performance. That's where shadow teacher comes in and help!


Social Groups


"I wish my kid has more friends."


Yet, not all kids are social butterflies. Join social groups to have your child be around others. Encourage them to interact and play. Set up role-playing games and help them to learn how to strike up a conversation now!

然而,並非所有孩子都是社交能手。 透過加入社交小組,孩子們能在治療師的領導下互動、玩耍和進行角色扮演遊戲,為他們社交生活開展序幕!


Pre-Kindies Program


My child is starting kindergarten! It's a big developmental milestone and could be scary and difficult for kids and parents.




Pre-Kindies Program tackles the most common kindergarten fears and concerns one by one. Let's make the first day at school a happy memory!


One On One ABA Therapy


Back to basics! This individualised program revolves around building on your child's strengths and teaching skills. Most importantly, it is one teacher to one student ratio so sessions are tailored-made, progress at a comfortable pace to really let their personalities shine through!


Parents As Therapists


Be your child's best therapist, as you are the one who knows your child the most, and the one who will stay with your kid for a lifetime.



Be able to tackle problematic behaviours and guide your child's growth through our parents training program.