Share and Turn Take


"Every time when my child plays with others, he wouldn't share his toy with others, that makes me feel so embarrassed. I'm sure others would think I'm a bad parent."


According to Dr.Laura Markham from Ahaparenting.com, forced sharing actually teaches some concepts to the child,  such as:

  • Crying loudly will help a child get what they want.

  • Parents are in charge of who gets what and when they get it.

These are the message children may take in when we force them to share.

No one was born with the concept to share or turn take, these need to be LEARNED. Children at young age are at the stage of learning how to satisfy their own need first, they would put their own feeling as their priority. In their perspective, they simply lose their belongings when they share. That's why we can teach our children to take turns through activities!

Let's watch the tutorial video!

Let's teach through play!

Turn Taking Activity English.png

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Many parents may use reprimands to deal with child's inappropriate behaviors, but would a child understand what is 'appropriate' with this strategy? 

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