Giving Effective



We’ve learned the importance of praise, next, we will have to learn how to praise effectively. 


 1. Praise needs to be genuine,

        smile while you say it.           

2.Praise needs to be specific

(What exactly is a good behaviour?)

(Can you come up with at

least 10 different phrases?)

How about we give you more!

Click here follow the instructions to download poster.





Specific Praise

Good job!

3.We have to use a variety of praises to keep effectiveness.


Watch the video for more examples 

Blue Sketched TV

4.Praise does not need to be spoken words




High Five

Fist Bump

Lift Ups

Thumbs Up

Father with his Son

5. Last but not least, the praises need to match the task effort:


As task gets harder, the praise gets better.


Good performance: "Nice one"

Excellent performance: "WOW, that was amazing" & Hug 

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Giving options for children to choose from motivates them to follow through with it. Even if both choices are horrible.