Children are curious and active beings, they like to to observe what the other's are doing, move and explore their surroundings. This is how they learn. But sometimes, their curiosity or impulsivity may lead them to misbehave. Let's see how we can use 'praise' to shape and increase good behaviours.

Why is it important to praise?

1) Self-Esteem and Confidence

When a child is doing an activity, your praise implies what they are doing is good and well. This gives them a boost of confidence from your approval and will try to give the same level of performance every time!

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Positive Relationship (2

Praising your child is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your child. Sometimes a 'good job' or 'great' statement is enough but if your child has done something to exceed your expectations, don't hold back the hugs and kisses!

3. Motivation

Have you ever had a time when your child was scared to try something new? Take too long on their homework? Praising their efforts gives them the motivation for a child to learn new things, accept challenges and break-through their limits because they know they are not alone in this process.

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Pouring with Praise

Reduce inappropriate behaviours (4

Has your child ever done something inappropriate then look at you to see your reaction? When you praise, you are giving more attention to the child, so they don’t have to act out to get your attention anymore.

5. Increase appropriate behaviours

Praise is a reward. When the child knows a certain behaviour will gain them the reward, the child will continue the good behaviour to keep the reward coming.

When should we praise?

It's important to grasp the suitable time to provide a praise statement. Praise too much and it may not be sincere enough. Praise too little and your child may misbehave to get your attention. It's all about...

Catch them being good!

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1) Find the problem behaviour
2) Find the exact opposite ("Replacement Behaviour")
3) As soon as you see child doing replacement behaviour, praise them!

Click here for more tips. Follow instruction to download "Praise Pointers"

 Check out our video to see how it's done.

Don't underestimate the power of praise!


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Praise shouldn't be misused or used excessively either, as it doesn't lead to effective results. Hence this post is all about 'How to Praise'.