Pre-Kindies Program

The Step Ladder to Kindergarten


We simulate a typical kindergarten class but keep teacher to student ratio as 1:1 at first, and increase ratio according to student progress

Kindergarten is more than just an opportunity for children to learn ABCs and sing songs. This is an important year in the life of youngsters! At Kindergarten, a child begin to explore their surroundings, their peers and experiment with their own behaviours and its effect on others. They begin to learn the the world is complex and not everything goes the way they want. They start to learn to obey classroom rules, following teacher's instruction, sharing toys with other children, regulate their own emotions when they are upset, being given responsibilities in the classroom, and even being a role model for younger children. 

Can every child do the above skills on the first day of school? If a child has special needs, does that means the child will not be able to do all these? 

The answer is NO and NO, each child learns differently and at different speeds. Children within this age group are like sponges and soft clay, they are absorbing a lot of information, and behaviours are mouldable. It's the most critical stage for learning in life.​

Use reward systems, systematically break down concepts, analyse data to assess learning

putting away toys,

keeping hands to ourselves,

eating snacks,


wiping nose,


Attending to teacher, sitting for carpet time, hand-raising,

pencil grip,

following instructions

Getting to know self

discover what they like/dislike




co-operative play,

sharing toys

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