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Give child a high-five, they go far in life



Share and Turn Take


“Sharing is caring” is something we would love to teach our young children. However, many children refuse to share, because children at young age are at the stage of learning how to satisfy their own need first. Then how can we teach them this concept? Instead of forcing their to give away what is  supposed to be theirs, let’s teach them to take turns!


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Tolerance to surgical masks



Flu season is now at its peak and recent cases of coronavirus in Hong Kong are worrying. It is imperative that we wear a mask for protection. However many parents are troubled by their child's inappropriate use masks or refusal to wear masks. ABLE therapists would like to share some strategies in teaching personal hygiene and build tolerance in wearing masks. 

現時為流感高峰期,本港近日的新型冠狀病毒個案讓人堪憂。穿戴口罩是最有效的防疫措施。可是,不少家長因小朋友不肯或不適當使用口罩而甚為煩惱。有見及此,Able 專業的治療師會教授小朋友於疫情期間所需的個人衞生措施,以及讓小朋友建立使用口罩的好習慣

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Work O.T or on Saturday?

Giving choices



I choose to work over time.

Giving options for children to choose from motivates them to follow through with it. Even if both choices are horrible.



"I think therefore I am" -ignite the imagination, spark the learning

我思故我在 - 激發想像力,鼓勵學習

Use pretend play to learn and learn to play. Let children take the lead, and see where they take you. Pretend play is so crucial in their development and here's why.

「角色扮演」讓孩子同時享受學習和遊戲。 今天讓孩子們自由發揮,看看他們的想像力會帶你去哪兒。「角色扮演」遊戲有助促進及加強孩子全人發展。


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Praise pt 2:

Give effective praises


Praise shouldn't be misused or used excessively either, as it doesn't lead to effective results. Hence this post is all about 'How to Praise'.


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Praise pt 1.

Pouring with praise


Don't underestimate the effectiveness of praise. Every praise is an opportunity for you and your child to build a positive relationship. Learn how praise works to improve behavior!

不要低估讚賞的效用,每一個讚賞都是你和孩子加強親子關係的好機會。 了解一下如何用讚賞改善問題行為。

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Too many toys affect attention?


Too many toys around a child during play can affect their attention. Keep reading for a simple solution to help increase their attention, play skills and motivation.


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Hard to get off them off the ipad?

We have a solution for you. it's a FREE special gadget that every behavior analysts use and you can use. What is it?

孩子玩iPad玩唔停,應該怎麼辦?我們給你解決的辦法。 這裡有一個免費的小工具,每位行為分析師都會使用。究竟他是什麼?

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Don't use "Don't"


Many parents may use reprimands to deal with child's inappropriate behaviors, but would a child understand what is 'appropriate' with this strategy? 


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Voice Level Control


In the library or cinema, we should talk quietly with whisper voice. We may use a loud voice when answering questions in class. Children must learn to moderate their voice volume to adapt to different situations or environments. 


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