Who understand your child the most?


Who knows best about your child's ability and interests?


Who spends the most time with your child in a life time?


Once your child has learned the appropriate skills with a therapist, it is important to transfer the control to parents to maintain these skills in the home setting. Success in ABA therapy can only be achieved if therapists can fully remove ourselves from your child’s life. It is important to plan for this at the start of ABA therapy therefore parent involvement is a key to therapy success.






Through our ‘Parent As Therapists’ (PAT) program, you can expect to understand what ABA is and some strategies used to promote positive behaviours, gain confidence and learn how to deal with inappropriate behaviours, setting realistic goals and expectations for the child, and last but not least, learn to interact positively during work and play time!


Build positive relationship

Observation Skills


Build Compliance

Set realistic goals

Practise ABA strategies

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as Therapist

Who will be best suited to be your child's therapist?