One-On-One ABA Therapy


Depending on your child’s needs, our ABA therapy can be center-based, home-based or school-based via our school shadowing service. Each setting serves a different purpose and comes with unique benefits to the child’s learning and development. For a child that may be one session at home and two sessions at centre, so depending on your child’s needs, we are here to work out the best arrangement to help your child reach their full potential.

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Making friends 

Staying in a group

Classroom Routines

Tolerating distractions

Follow  group instructions

Tailored Made Programs

Follow  a schedule

At our 

centre, they will learn to...

Centre-based ABA therapy promote skills in all aspects and work to generalise skills to different people, situations and places. This is the ultimate goal of any child’s learning.  

Our centre set up is to mimic a typical classroom setting as it isn’t uncommon for children to require time to adjust to new unfamiliar environments or meet new individuals. We emphasise the one teacher to one student ratio to bridge the gap between a very structured home-based ABA therapy to total independency in a typical school classroom. 


Transitioning between places or activities may prove challenging for some individuals, therefore flexibility and adaptability to changes in schedule, settings is often an ABA program goal. To work on this, centre will have structured schedule, just like in schools during lesson changes.

Your child will have opportunity to learn to participate in group activity and follow group instructions. Also, during one-on-one instruction time, your child will be trained on tailor-made programs, including language, self-management, academic, gross and fine motor, and social skill, according to your child's level.

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We recognise that sometimes it may be challenging for families to bring their child to centre for therapy sessions for wide range of reasons such as transportation issues, childcare arrangements or anxiety issues.


Therefore ABLE offers home-based therapy service at the comfort of your home. Besides building on academic, social skills, language skills, play skills, the environment places focus on self-management skills. Some basic daily living skills include self-care/hygiene, toileting, getting dressed, eating meals independently or even managing their free time wisely.

Since the child is most relaxed with presence of family members with a familiar environment, it may also give rise to behavioral issues (tantrums/property destruction). Having a therapist around can help manage the problematic behavior right away.


Therefore the most important benefit of having home-based therapy is to allow families to be intimately involved in their child’s development. Success of any therapy requires open communication, aligned goals and expectation and consistency in how we manage the same behavior.

Parent training


Getting dressed

Relationship with familiy 

Language skills

Tailored Made Programs

Some things you can expect with at home program

Manage  problematic behaviors

Shadow Teacher

ABLE firmly believe that all children with Special Education Needs (SEN) deserve an equal opportunity in education. However, children with SEN in the general classroom setting often have difficulties in attending to the teacher, following classroom instructions, working independently, following classroom etiquette or developing friendships. Shadow teachers will help to promote your child’s academic engagement and participation in the classroom, whilst fading the one-to-one support gradually.

It is essential to work collaboratively with the school and classroom teachers to devise this individualised systematic fading plan for your child to integrate successfully in the classroom. 

Stay on task

Support in the school

Making friends

Follow instructions

Active participation

Planning & Organisation