ABA  101

應用行為分析 101

Learn the basics of ABA


Functions of Behaviour


Why does your child point at things in the cupboard? Why do they refuse to sit at the table for homework but sit for dinner? There's a reason why we behave the way they do and there's 4 major reasons. Let's learn about the functions!

為什麼您的孩子指著櫥櫃裡的東西? 他們為什麼拒絕在桌上做家課,卻願意坐在桌上用晚餐? 這些行為舉止主要分成四種原因。 讓我們學習及了解一下孩子行為背後的原因!

Finding a suitable behavior therapist


What are some things we need to look out for when allowing a therapist in your child's journey of life?  Qualifications?

Experience? Relationship with your child?

為孩子尋找合適的行為治療師時,我們需要注意哪些事項? 資格?經驗? 還是與孩子的關係?

ABA does not turn your child into a robot. There's been many misunderstanding of ABA. Let's find out more.


Common Misconceptions


What is ABA?


ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis. It's a method to teach or improve meaningful behaviors.  


How many lessons is enough?


The term 'Intensive' is often associated with ABA therapy. So exactly how intensive is enough to show progress?

「強化」這詞語通常與ABA訓練相關。 那麼多少「強化」才有顯著的進步?

Who is ABA therapy for?


All living organisms BEHAVE. So the scope of ABA application is so broad that it can be applied to enhancing business management, government policies as well as children behavior.


 所有生物都會有「行為」。 ABA的應用非常廣泛,可應用於改善商業管理,政府政策以至孩子的行為。

How does ABA work?


ABA focuses tries to understand why the child is behaving the way they do and what factors are maintaining the behavior.


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